Dehumidifier Industrial 40l

Dehumidifier Industrial 40l
Dehumidifier Industrial 40l
Dehumidifier Industrial 40l Dehumidifier Industrial 40l
€75 per week Plus VAT
Product Code: Kroll T40D

Dehumidifier's dry humid rooms, keep them dry permanently and thus protects objects/buildings of value, economically and effectively.

Features and Applications

The appliances are used in new buildings, during renovation and reconstruction works e.g. for shortening the process of drying after plastering works. The appliances are mobile, easy to be set up, immediately ready for operation, and they work quietly.

Dehumidifiers are equipped with hot-gas defrosting. This means the efficiency factor is raised and operational interruptions are extremely brief. The LED-indicators always keep you informed about the current operating state and about malfunctions, if they might occur.

The receiver tank for condensate water is secured by a magnetic overflow stop, so that there is no danger of overflow. The included operating hours meter informs you about the time appliance has been in service.

They have an integrated humidity regulator. The appliances will switch off automatically, if the water tank is full.

The T40D 40 litre per day 230V / 110V dual voltage commercial dehumidifier.

Maximum Extraction Capacity   40 litre per day
Operating Humidity Range   %RF 30 - 95
Operating Temp Range   5 - 35
Litres per day depending on temperature and humidity   10 C / 60 % 8l
    25 C / 60% 20l
    30 C / 80% 36l
Nominal Air Delivery   500 cubic meters
Voltage   110 volt or 230 volt
Consumption   780 watts
Dimensions W x D x H   495mm x 830mm x 610mm
Noise   50 dB (A)
Weight   39.5kg


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