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dry air... everything you need to know

Drying can be broken down into 3 areas:


Whether you are drying out plaster or concrete, suffering from the effect of Irish rainfall and flooding or reducing damp conditions in rooms, attics or outbuildings, our range of powerful dehumidifiers can help. Flood damage, new construction work or buildings that have experienced long periods of disuse can often suffer from the build up of damp, often with damaging consequences. These problems can be disguised by the use of heating or ventilation; however, dehumidifiers are the only method of positively removing the moisture in a controllable, efficient manner. Using dehumidification in conjunction with heaters and power fans is the best method of achieving the fastest drying period. Aircon Hire uses the most modern methods available to remove excess water from your home and basement. With an extensive inventory of state-of-the-art drying equipment, and the skills to use them, we can help you restore your home to pristine condition quickly.

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Room Dryers

Fans and Air Movers are used for fast and professional drying of carpets, floors, walls, ceiling and furnishings after cleaning or flood restoration. The extremely high air flow helps water evaporation, drying wet surfaces within a much faster time. Aerodynamically designed to minimise air friction and noise.

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Damp Meters

Damp testing meters measure either electrical conductivity between two steel pins touched onto, or pressed into the plaster, masonry or timber, or they use a smooth contact head to measure electrical capacitance.

Damp meters usually have two scales, one for timber and one for masonry, but some have only a simple 'reference' scale or a row of coloured lights. Dampness readings in wood usually covers a scale from 0 - 40% maximum (average softwoods are saturated at 28% - 32%) and damp readings in masonry (brick, stone, plaster, concrete) usually range from 0 - 5% maximum.

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