Large Air Conditioner

Large Air Conditioner
Large Air Conditioner
€150 per week Plus VAT
Product Code: Broughton

The mighty cool range of heavy duty air conditioning units offers enormous versatility with rugged design and stylish looks. These easy to use units are built to cope with everything, whilst not looking out of place in the office or boardroom. The massive cooling ability allows them to be used for spot, comfort or process cooling. If it’s a congestion of people, equipment or both these air-conditioning units quickly help to return the workspace to a comfortable level. The amazing Multi Area cooling facility means you can cool more than 1 area at a time and then vent the air via a single vent up to 20 metres away.

Cooling Output   7kw / 23000btu
Air Delivery cfm   16600 cubic metres / hr
Compressor Type   Rotary
Refigerant   R422d
Condenser Cooling   Air cooled
Condensation Removal   Internal auto cut out container
Weight   110kg
Dimensions H x W x D   1170mm x 815mm x 665mm

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