Infra Red Heater

Infra Red Heater
Infra Red Heater
Infra Red Heater Infra Red Heater
€75 per week Plus VAT
Product Code: Rhino TQ3

The infra-red heater is an electric heater ideal for heating workshops and warehouses and is ideal for drying damp walls. It produces instant heat with no noise or fumes.

This mobile infrared unit directs heat specifically to warm people or objects. Quartz infrared energy is unaffected by air movement around the heater, so it provides efficient heating at low running cost, as no heat is lost through drafts or pre-heating. The Rhino is castor mounted and can be quickly moved to where the heat is required.

Features and Applications

Halogen heating lamps produce infrared instantly upon switch-on. The heat is in the form of light energy, this light energy only heats objects on to which it falls. Infra-red energy does not heat the air, ThermoQuartz is therefore ideal for heating large or draughty areas. ThermoQuartz projects heat up to 6 metres and can be used as an effective building drier in well ventilated areas.

  • New generation Halogen Lamp
  • 2 x Easy change clip-in 1500W lamps
  • Unique reflector. Durable polymer body
  • Inclusive cable tidy
  • Rubber transit wheels
Heat Output   2.8kW
Heat Output    9554 Btu / hr
Noise Level   0dB(A)
Power Supply    50Hz
Power Supply    230 Volts
Power Supply   12.2 Amps
Dimensions H x W x D   1000mm x 500mm x 460mm
Weight   12kg


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