Blow Heater

Blow Heater
Blow Heater
€60 per week Plus VAT
Product Code: Andrews DE 25

We have two versions of this small electric blow heater for hire. Our general use small electric blow heater is 230 volt heater.This is suitable for domestic locations.We also have a 110 volt, 32amp heater which is suitable for construction and building sites and other industrial locations.

This heater is suitable for use as a spot heater in both domestic and industrial locations.There are no free flames or emissions produced so these heaters can be used in areas where gas or diesel is not permitted.

The heat is produced as the electric current flows through the elements, also known as Joule effect. Clean, warm air is released from the front of the heater.

Power Supply   230 or 100V 1 ph 50 Hz, Run 12.2 or 25.4 A
Noise level (max)   50.6 dBA @ 1 metre
Plug Type   BS1363 230 V or BS4343 32 A 100V
Weight   11kg
Typical heated area   67.6 m
Dimension   320 x 260 x 360 mm
Power consumption (max)   2.8 kW/hr
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