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Dehumidifier Commercial 28l

Dehumidifier Commercial 28l
Dehumidifier Commercial 28l
Dehumidifier Commercial 28l
€60 per week Plus VAT
Brand: Splendid
Product Code: Seccoprof
Availability: In Stock


European Style and Quality for Robust professional use.

IDEAL FOR: Mould Prevention for larger family room ,office areas, open plan living rooms, carpet drying, community buildings, libraries, art galleries, museums, hospitals ,open plan rooms, commercial size areas, drying rooms, storage room/containers, small to med Indoor pools.

This unit produces a large volume of air movement up to 380cuM/hr, great for drying!

Key features at a glance:

  • Removes a large 28L moisture per day!
  • Stainless steel body
  • Italian made...latest popular model in Europe.
  • Treats high amount of air volume for drying.
  • Simple variable humidity control.
  • Large capacity 10L tank with auto off when full.
  • Continuous drain feature.
  • Portable on casters just plug into 240V.
  • Low power use approx. 70 cents /day (@ average 10hrs/day)
  • FOR PREVENTION OF: mould & condensation, corrosion, and musty smells!
  • Dial up Humidistat auto on/off.
  • Robust handles.
  • Removes 28L/day of moisture @ 32DegC- 80% RH.
  • Cost effective dehumidifying.
  • Low noise max 48db @1m.
  • Mobile with 4 large h/duty casters.
  • Easy to use panel controls with adjustable humidistat control.
  • Operating Temp 5 -38°C
  • Auto off when full.


  • Voltage: 220-240V.
  • Operating power @ 520Watt.
  • Weight Unit: 32kg.
  • Air treated: 380cuM/hr.
  • Dimensions: 64Hx43.5Wx31D cm
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