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Air Conditioner Industrial

Air Conditioner Industrial
Air Conditioner Industrial
Air Conditioner Industrial
€150 per week Plus VAT
Brand: broughton
Product Code: Premair TC32
Availability: In Stock

This powerful portable air conditioner is suitable for semi industrial or large areas. It is the perfect choice for server or computer rooms to keep electronics cool and in factories and other high heat areas.

It has three flexible cold air outlets which can be positioned in three different directions. This allows the cool air to flow over different areas at the same time, such as server cables and work areas.

This air conditioner can be used in the following locations

  • Offices
  • Factories
  • Kitchens
  • Shops and retail units
  • Labs
  • Banks


  • Digital Controller with ‘Off timer’
  • Temperature Control, Self-Checking and Emergency operation.
  • Automatic exhaust fan speed control with booster fan
  • Tank full warning
  • 230v. 50hz. 1 Phase power requirement.
  • Exhaust duct can be extended to 39ft (12m).
  • Aluminium mesh filters for easy cleaning and long life.


Condensate Tank Capacity 12
Power Consumption  4Kw
Operating Temperature 18oC to 45oC
Room Capacity 75m2
Outside Diameter of Exhaust Duct 350mm
Exhaust Duct Hose Extends To 9m
Power Plug class I
Plug Fuse 20A
Operates on  C-Form plug

For more information download the Product Brochure

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